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pig time

Last month, Cotton Tree Lodge welcomed its newest additions. These seven piglets join the goats and the chickens. Many of the pigs raised in Belize are of the Large White variety, which are excellent for intensive farming but are sub-par at free-ranging. We spent months searching high and low, finally finding a farmer near Belmopan […]

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It’s Mango Season

Right now it’s mango season. Nothing says “tropical” quite like the yellow flesh of the mango. We have three varieties of mango produced by our dozen trees. Mango juice is a classic creation, made from nothing more than fresh-squeezed mangos. If the bar is more your thing, our mango coladas are a refreshing jungle twist […]

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Give Me Shelter

Our buildings are thatched the traditional Maya way using logs and palm leaves, and the jungle provides. Cohune palms have huge leaves that grow up to 20 feet in length. The leaves are chopped off of trees but grow back and allow the tree to be harvested for decades. A crew of three has been […]

Full Moon Magic

As I write this, the full moon is shining overhead. The gibnuts are hiding, the fish are biting, the werewolves are turning, and it’s time to start cutting materials. The Kekchi and Mopan Maya of Toledo District’s jungle, where we are located, are very connected to the Earth. They have been guided by the planet’s […]

52 Chickens

I keep talking about the pastures we’re building for the animals, but who exactly are they? Most of them are somewhere far away, being raised by their current owners (or not yet born!) until we’re ready for them. That’s not to say we don’t have any furry friends: our five goats and 52 chickens provide […]


Building Shelters

It’s been a busy few weeks on the pasture project. After months of planning, we’re ready to step into the fun part: the construction. We use local materials and methods whenever possible, as is the case here. Buildings in southern Belize are often built the traditional way: a simple log frame topped with a thatched […]

“What’s in the garden now?”

This is a question I getconstantly from the chefs, the guests, and the staff. The answer changes every day (sometimes even multiple times a day), and no doubt changed between writing this sentence and publishing it. Cotton Tree Lodge’s talented chefs prepare delicious meals three times a day using trusted classics and new inventions alike. […]

On to the greener pastures…

We’re expanding our farm to raise more animals! Our herd of goats provides most of our dairy needs with fresh goat’s milk and cheese. Our laying hens give us delicious brown eggs, and we raise most of our meat needs from our broiler chickens and soon to be purchased pigs. This post is the first […]


Our Goats Are Here!

The goats have finally arrived and our farm-to-table restaurant is going to get fresh milk very soon! We took a trip to Spanish Lookout on Thursday and brought back 2 female goats and 3 of their babies in the back of our pick-up truck.  They handled the drive very well, and didn’t seem too stressed […]


…And We May Have Goats Soon!

Goat cheese and fresh milk have been on our minds for our farm-to-table dining at Cotton Tree Lodge. Believe it or not, these are difficult to get in Belize. Milk and cheese are not traditionally part of the Mayan diet and tropical climates make it difficult to store so there is a limited market for […]