What to Bring

The lodge is an informal place. Bring what you would wear in a sunny warm climate - casual wear, hat, and sunglasses.


What to Pack

  • At least two of the following: sandals, sneakers, shoes, hiking boots.  Water shoes or sport sandals like Tevas and Keens are great for Blue Creek Cave exploration
  • At least one lightweight long sleeve shirt
  • At least one warmer fleece or sweatshirt
  • At least two lightweight long pants
  • Waterproof light jacket
  • Sunscreen and insect repellent (those containing DEET seem to work the best)

At the Lodge

  • Please discuss any special dietary needs with the office staff upon check-in.  While we send this information ahead of time, it’s always good to clarify.
  • Electricity is 110V and no special adapters are needed for US travelers.  You can easily charge cameras, phones (though they won’t have signal except at the Main Lodge), iPods, etc. in your cabana.  Please note that we are off the grid and run our electricity through batteries charged by solar panels and supplemented with generator power. Don’t be surprised by a momentary loss of power as we switch between the two.  Appliances like hairdryers and curling irons drain a lot of power from our system, so please consider leaving them at home.
  • Filtered water is provided in all rooms for drinking and brushing teeth.  Please consider bringing a refillable water bottle from home to reduce waste.
  • Our front desk phone number is 670.0557 from within Belize or 011.501.670.0557 from the US.
  • We have a phone line dedicated for guest use.  The number is 669.0557 from within Belize or 011.501.669.0557 from the US. You are welcome to place or receive calls through this line.  Phone cards are available in the office.  The best time for your friends and family to reach you is between 6pm – 8pm, when most guests are gathered in the Main Lodge for appetizers and dinner.
  • If you have an international data plan, there is cell service in the main dining area. We also have Digicell phones for rent at $5US per day. You can purchase 1GB of data for $10US which is valid for 7 days. Your phone can then be used as a hotspot if you wish to share.

    Please note that we are at a remote location, and occasionally service is interrupted.