Nim Li Punit and Belize Spice Farm

Nim Li Punit and Belize Spice Farm


Nim Li Punit is situated on a beautiful hilltop site near the village of Indian Creek, affording views of Belize, Guatemala and the Caribbean. This Mayan site is best known for the 26 stone stela that were found there. Each stele was carved with hieroglyphics and used to record important information such as alliances, wars and battles, and family trees. One of these stela, the second largest in the Mayan world, depicts a ruler wearing an elaborate large headdress, inspiring the name of Nim Li Punit, which means Big Hat in the Kekchi Maya language. This site also includes several stone ball courts where Mayans used to compete in ball games in honor of their gods.

After the visit to Nim Li Punit we will take you to Belize Spice Farm and Botanical Garden, a 500-acre farm that grows a staggering variety of spices and trees. You will ride a tractor pulled trolley through their extensive grounds with frequent stops to smell the roses and taste the cinnamon!

The farm is now one of the largest black pepper and vanilla farms in the country and is adorned with beautiful teak, mahogany, rosewood, and sandalwood trees, as well as a variety of other magnificent specimens.









long pants, sleeve length optional, hiking boots/tennis shoes. You may want to bring water, cap, sunscreen, and insect repellant.


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Children age 4 – 12, half price

4 people minimum


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