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Eladio’s Chocolate Tour

Eladio’s Chocolate Tour


In the hilly village of San Pedro Colombia lies Agouti farm, a cacao farm belonging to Eladio Pop. After meeting with the always jovial Eladio, you will walk along the trail to Agouti farm where the land subtly changes from wild jungle to cultivated agro forestry. Eladio will explain his unique philosophy on nature and teach you about the organic agriculture techniques that he employs. Along the trail you will almost certainly be surprised by the versatility of the plants, as Eladio demonstrates their many different uses, from the banana leaves used as umbrellas to the allspice leaves used to brew a relaxing herbal tea. As Eladio, machete in hand, slashes his way through his dense farm, you will have the opportunity to sample limes, cilantro, apple-bananas, chilies, sugarcane and, of course, cacao. Eladio pays special attention to cacao, the fruit that is processed to eventually produce chocolate.

After this energetic tour of Agouti farm, you will ride back to Eladio’s house in the village of San Pedro Colombia, where a delicious lunch of organic produce will be waiting for you. After lunch, you will be given a demonstration of the drying, winnowing and grinding process that is undertaken to turn cacao beans into chocolate. With a new appreciation for chocolate, you will enjoy the samples of the local dark chocolate bars and the hot chocolate drink that you receive even more!

Four people minimum.









CTL provides water, Eladio provides lunch


long pants, trail shoes


sunscreen, insect repellant, camera, sunglasses, hat


For Room Only & Full Board
Children age 4 – 12, half price



All prices are subject to tax & service charge