pig time

4 pigs 8-10-18 optimized

Last month, Cotton Tree Lodge welcomed its newest additions. These seven piglets join the goats and the chickens. Many of the pigs raised in Belize are of the Large White variety, which are excellent for intensive farming but are sub-par at free-ranging. We spent months searching high and low, finally finding a farmer near Belmopan who had a litter of free-range perfect piglets. Without further ado, here they are.



This is Victoria, too cool for the herd. She’s always been a loner and likes doing things her own way but plays in the mud with the rest of them




Binky and Buster. The big ol’ boys of the herd, born heavy and just getting bigger. They like mud, food, and general pigginess.



From left to right: Tepig, Emboar, Pignite, and Grumpig. These ones are a bit more free-ranged than we originally intended. Hobbies include digging under fences, eating chicken feed, and general frolicking. Grumpig is the young one in the group, but the rest still let him join.

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