It’s Mango Season

Mango bunch 6-18-18 web optimized

Right now it’s mango season. Nothing says “tropical” quite like the yellow flesh of the mango. We have three varieties of mango produced by our dozen trees.

Mango juice is a classic creation, made from nothing more than fresh-squeezed mangos. If the bar is more your thing, our mango coladas are a refreshing jungle twist on a beachside classic.

Why not try some of our homemade mango jam? It’s delicious spread over a fry jack or covered by a tortilla. You can mix it with oatmeal or stir it into yogurt, and add it to whatever needs that sweet mango treatment.

Don’t be fooled into thinking mangos are only for breakfast: they’re on the menu in the evening too. From our tropical salad at the beginning of the meal to the mango cobbler at the end, mangos make an appearance at dinner as well. Our delicious mango cobbler is the perfect combination of perfectly cooked ripe mangos and a delicious, crumbly pastry top. Make sure to check out whatever new creations we’re coming up with!

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