Update on Our Animal Farm in Belize Jungle

We’ve made some good improvements to the animal area functionality at our Belize jungle farm. The idea was to set it up so that food and water is easily kept clean and kept from spilling or wasting. We’ve created waterers for our pigs out of half moon cut tires bolted to the posts. Waste not, want not! Now they can’t tip or chew their waterers. Our staff also crafted some nice chicken feeders made out of legths of PVC with a slit cut on top. We can then hang it from the rafters. Diminishes the ability to poop in the food, and they won’t scratch it all over.

We’ve also been keeping better track of animal feed, making sure we’re using the appropriate amount and that it’s lasting as long as it should be lasting. Especially with the pigs, we have cheaper options of crack corn, millfeed, and rice bran. We think a 15% rice bran, 25% millfeed, 25% cracked corn, and 35% pig grower is probably a good mix. Between the restaurant scraps, and the bush in the pasture, we think their diet is varied enough that they’ll get proper nutrition.

Did we say that you are welcome to tour our facilities when you are staying with us!

Belize Jungle Farm Chicken

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