52 Chickens

I keep talking about the pastures we’re building for the animals, but who exactly are they? Most of them are somewhere far away, being raised by their current owners (or not yet born!) until we’re ready for them. That’s not to say we don’t have any furry friends: our five goats and 52 chickens provide plenty of milk, eggs, and joy to the farm.

These two goats are Daisy and Buttercup, our milkers. They came from Spanish Lookout, and produce about a liter of milk per day in total. Their milk has a very high concentration of butterfat, so it makes an excellent crumbly cheese that we serve with soups, salads, or breakfasts. They have three kids between them, two females and a male. They’ll start producing milk of their own soon enough, but for now they’re the eye candy of the herd.

We’re completely self-sufficient in terms of eggs, thanks to these birds. We bought a squirming box of Rhode Island Red chicks around the beginning of the year, and they’ve been laying eggs of their own for the past several months. The almost four dozen eggs we receive each afternoon are enough for breakfast and baking needs, often with enough left over to sell in the local markets. We have plans for a huge expansion to our flock and herd, with the addition of pigs and broiler chickens! Stay tuned as we continue building their homes, and welcome more members to the Cotton Tree family.

Chef-in-Residence Zach Wielgosz

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