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An Authentic Jungle Lodge

Open and airy with a high peak thatched roof. Colorful paintings, hardwood carvings and Mayan glyphs adorn the walls. We love our main lodge building. And we hope you will too. 

We are pleased to serve a variety of cocktails, local beers and soft drinks in the bar. Breakfast, lunch, appetizers and dinner are served in the main lodge each day. For those who need to check an email or text message someone, we have limited wifi and cell service available in the lodge. We also have chairs and couches if you just want to relax and a small gift shop for those who are looking for a souvenir or a snack.

Our gift shop features crafts from local villagers. Hand woven handbags, hand carved figurines, jippy jappa baskets and more. We also have a small selection of suncreen, aloe vera gels, bug spray and other things we occasionally need. Just looking for a souvenir t-shirt, no problem, we have that too.