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Crafted from local hardwoods and thatched in traditional Mayan style, Cotton Tree Lodge gives guests a chance to experience an authentic jungle lodge. Here you will have the opportunity to listen to Howler Monkeys and parrots-all from the comfort of a hammock. No sirens, no sounds of traffic, no loud music blaring from just down the street. Just the jungle. And the monkeys, and birds-and don't forget the iguanas! Located 5 miles from the nearest paved road. Nestled in the foothills of the Maya Mountains. Set next to the slow moving Moho River. This is where you can unwind.

We have no televisions at the resort. There are no radios in the cabanas. In fact, there aren't many clocks on the property. Limited cell phone coverage(only in the main lodge) and no wifi in the rooms. If you are someone that always needs to be plugged in, we probably aren't your best choice. But if you are looking for somewhere to get away from it all and just relax in the jungle and enjoy a Belizean Adventure-we might be just what you are looking for. An authentic jungle lodge.